Venezia – Queen Of The Adriatic

“If I were not a King of France, I would choose to be a citizen of Venice.” - Henry III Venice was a place I’d always dreamed of visiting. Exploring the city of water, bridges and masks for only £50 on a boat trip from Croatia, where I was on holiday! I just had to… Continue reading Venezia – Queen Of The Adriatic

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Time for a change!

I've banged on about this campaign before and I will carry on because it really is a great campaign! Inspiring more girls to take part in sports is hugely important and thisgirlcan does exactly that! Who cares if you're not the next Olympic champion, or you may need a little more time to earn a… Continue reading Time for a change!

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Only wear once??

Out of interest, who was it that came up with this notion that we can only wear clothes out in public once? For example, let's take a dress. Whether it's a bargain buy that shots out at you from the sale rack or that one of a kind frock with a price tag that makes… Continue reading Only wear once??

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Heartbreak … </3

Sunday evening saw the Ospreys run in the Challenge Cup come to an abrupt end. Knocked out in the quarter-finals despite their record-breaking pool victory, gaining the maximum 30 points on offer, the first team to ever achieve this in Europe. Since our dismal season last year which put us out of the Champions Cup,… Continue reading Heartbreak … </3


One Exam, A Billion Fears

Time is ticking away, until the day I have to sit my NCTJ Reporting Exam for my Sports Diploma. Eeeeek! I have to admit that I'm a little freaked out about it. With the board that I'm studying with restructuring their course in September, April 24th is my last chance to pass, so no pressure… Continue reading One Exam, A Billion Fears

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With International Women's day being held this past week, it would be down right wrong not to pay homage to those empowering women who have paved the way for us women to stand in the position we are in today. Seeing tweets acknowledging those including Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart and Emma Watson really got me… Continue reading #ThisGirlCan