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We go again!

After the highly anticipated encounter last weekend that went heartbreakingly against us Welsh, I feel the need to put a few things out there to help the healing process. Like many a Welsh fan, I get very anxious about the prospect of Wales v England. Racked with nerves and excitement, thinking of every single thing… Continue reading We go again!

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Second Half Underway

Ok so I may have taken a little break from my blog over the last few months but I have a legit great excuse! The first half of this year was a little slow but the second half has held all the action which I will attempt to sum up in this post. Since my… Continue reading Second Half Underway


So Where Do I Fit In?

Whilst the majority of my life besides work revolves around sport, there is another part of me that I am finding a little confusing to .... work out? Well to begin with I'll stick with the sports. I don't support my hometown team, nothing against them I just find it more enjoyable to travel about… Continue reading So Where Do I Fit In?