With International Women’s day being held this past week, it would be down right wrong not to pay homage to those empowering women who have paved the way for us women to stand in the position we are in today. Seeing tweets acknowledging those including Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart and Emma Watson really got me … More #ThisGirlCan

Lost Cause

Well the day finally arrived! The day we were all dreading! The day that we have no rugby to go to! *insert sobs here* Both my club and region failed to make any play-off spot this year which has left me a bit of a lost cause this cloudy Saturday afternoon and relegated me to … More Lost Cause

Derby Day Blues

The most anticipated fixture in the rugby fixture calendar is always the local derbies! Neighbourly rivalries, where current form goes completely out of the window. And for me…well… it means going up against my dad’s team! Don’t misunderstand me, me and my dad have a great father daughter relationship! Just every Ospreys v Scarlets fixtures … More Derby Day Blues