Hey! My name is Tiffany, I am 23 years old from South Wales. The old one, not the new one down under.

I am a full-blooded tomboy and Converse addict. Welsh speaking, Marvel fanatic, and full time sports fan. Religious watcher of wrestling, Horse-racing, Ice-hockey, Olympics, and of course my one true love Rugby!

I must have re-written this page a dozen times since I started this blog! Truth be told trying to explain to someone else “all about me” is a little more complicated than it sounds!

But to be honest, me as a person has most definitely changed since this blog has been going. So for now…. this is me 🙂

I am currently trainee media officer for the Ospreys, one of the four rugby regions in Wales. I’ve been a loyal supporter of the region for around 10 years and this is my second season with the team.


Now I get a lot of stick as a girl rugby fan, but rest assured I am not one of those daffodil head wearing, player oogling supporters who doesn’t know whats going on. I know an offside rule and uncontested scrum when I see one, and I wouldn’t clock up the distance I do or stand for hours in the rain to impress a guy. Do you know how long it takes to straighten my hair? and not to mention the eyeliner runs!

Away from rugby, I absolutely adore travelling and exploring the world. The thrill of jumping online, finding the best travel deals to book and then packing a suitcase before rushing to the airport!

I am on a personal mission travel wise. Whilst the world is full of treasures waiting to be unearthed, I have a Hard Rock Cafe charm bracelet with missing links waiting to be filled with a charm from different countries. There is no place quite like a Hard Rock Cafe, and no Hard Rock Cafe quite like the others. I will have a full charm bracelet one day!