Little Me

Hey there! My name is Tiffany, I am 23 years old from Llanelli, South Wales.

I am a full-blooded tomboy and Converse addict. Welsh speaking, Marvel fanatic, and full time sports fan. Religious watcher of wrestling, Ice-hockey, Olympics, and of course my one true love Rugby!

Although my postcode and roots technically fall into the West Wales, Scarlets region, I strayed a little bit across the bridge to support local rivals the Ospreys. The Loughor bridge not the Severn! Not that drastic to pledge my allegiance to England!

I had my reasons, and almost seven years later I am still a loyal season ticket holder with the region and even a season ticket holder to one of their feeder clubs Aberavon (Which just so happened to be even further away from my home).

Now I get a lot of stick as a girl rugby fan, but rest assured I am not one of those daffodil head wearing, player oogling supporters who doesn’t know whats going on. I know an offside rule and uncontested scrum when I see one, and I wouldn’t clock up the distance I do or stand for hours in the rain to impress a guy. Do you know how long it takes to straighten my hair? and not to mention the eyeliner runs!

I do it because I love it! I love the game, love the competition, the supporters, the players, all of it! The passion you get from a small club rugby game, the local derbies that go from battles for eighty minutes to friendly pints with each other afterwards.

Away from the rugby and the sport I am a bit of a girly girl deep down. So this blog is a bit of everything. The tackles of the sport, the tries and struggles in life and me! So do stick around! Thank you 🙂


**Just a little update that may make more sense with my blog. I am now the Media Intern for the Ospreys! Not some stalker who gets up close and personal with them 😀 in case you wondered