Time for a change!

I’ve banged on about this campaign before and I will carry on because it really is a great campaign!

Inspiring more girls to take part in sports is hugely important and thisgirlcan does exactly that! Who cares if you’re not the next Olympic champion, or you may need a little more time to earn a seeded place at Wimbledon. Getting more girls active and increasing participation and equality for women’s sport is the way forward!

I’ve been researching a lot lately about Women’s sport and the things I have found out have actually quite shocked me. Without sounding too dramatic!

Only 10% of media coverage is dedicated to women’s sport, with 7% being televised, 5% on radio, 4% online and only 2% in newspapers! And it made me realise that when I do steal my dad’s newspapers and flick to the back pages, I very rarely see a story on women’s sport!

So with my future ambition to be a sports reporter, I am more determined than ever to change those statistics rather than leave them as they are!

I know it’s main focus is getting more girls into sport and being active, but getting more women on the boards, on the tv coverage, in the backroom and not just on the field would really help!

I even made a snazzy little picture, which I actually love to prove that I can do this, different as I may be..#ThisGirlCanimage1 (3)




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