Only wear once??

Out of interest, who was it that came up with this notion that we can only wear clothes out in public once?

For example, let’s take a dress. Whether it’s a bargain buy that shots out at you from the sale rack or that one of a kind frock with a price tag that makes your toes curl, does it state on the label “Only wear once”?

I’ve done a little research and found out that 33% of women consider an item of clothing “old” after wearing them less than three times and women are guilty of throwing out garments after being worn on only seven occasions.

Speaking from my own personal experiences here, I bought a dress last year from Free People, which I absolutely love but can’t even imagine buying from with some of their price tags. But the lace pink dress I bought was in the sale at £30 with free delivery which just made me click that buy button quicker than a shopper at the boxing day sales.


So when it arrived, I instantly fell in love with it! The colour, the shape, the style and it made me feel confident that I looked good.

The first occasion I wore it was to a friends wedding party, teamed it with a nude pair of shoes and clutch bag to match, curly hair badaboom I was good to go. But when I came home and took the dress off a part of me felt like that was the last time I was “allowed” to wear the dress. We’d never be able to strut our stuff again despite the dress not even having a mark or stain on it.

But why?

Thanks to social media, being tagged in photos wearing the dress, its apparently a faux paus to be seen wearing the same dress more than once. But I’ll ask again. Why?

If you look and feel good wearing a dress why does it matter that you’ve worn it before? Still in good nick after a wash wear it again? It wouldn’t even cross my mind to judge someone for donning the same dress twice. And pairing it with a different pair of shoes, bag, hairdo, hey presto you got a completely different outfit!

image1 (3).JPG

Albeit charities do benefit from the “throw away” society today. But so far that’s the only pro I can see from this whole theory?

There’s loads out there about empowering women, so we should be supporting each other, not criticising each other for something so trivial over what we wear?

There’s enough pressure in today’s world that worrying over what to wear should be the bottom of the list of priorities. Then there’s the factor that people can’t always afford a different outfit everytime so the added pressure there is absolutely ridiculous!


But truth be told, when I see photos of girls I know pop up on my timeline, I wouldn’t even notice if they’d worn that dress before, so why should it bother me if they do the same? Regardless of how much I spent, I’ll be darned if clothes I’ve worked hard to pay for will spend their life cooped up in a wardrobe getting destroyed by moths or whatever.

So go ahead and tag me in pictures, I really don’t care. Me and my snazzy little dress are already planning our next little soirée, it’s only ever been out four times, it’s still young.

Can we stop this whole only wear once theory? The only dress I plan on wearing just the once is my wedding dress!





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