Stick It To The Man!!

I don’t really want to “dedicate” one of my blog posts to this twat, but the underlying issue made my blood boil so much that if i don’t I may lose my head.

Last Friday night, I decided to go out with the girls to watch the rugby and pop into town for a few drinks afterwards to either celebrate or drown my sorrows.

So after Wales pulled off the unexpected, the three of us hit the local pub. Not being a big drinker, I was on my third pint of the evening (the two lasted me the entire game, this point will become more clear)

After spending a little under an hour in one pub, we decided to move onto next door’s bar, which had more of a dance scene going on. Getting to the door, my two friends went in first with me behind.

Then out of the blue the bouncer rudely asked me for my ID. Being 5ft and not really looking 22 i’ve come to except the fact that i’ll most likely get ID’d and don’t have a problem with it. So i handed it over, he checked it and then handed it back to me no hassle.

I paid my entry, went to follow my friends, then got held back again and asked to show my ID to the same guy rudely again. So I did, waited patiently while he looked over it, still not having a problem with him checking.

After this time, he looked me up and down and said: “Come back another time.” handed me my ID, slammed the door and sent me packing!

Now i wasn’t drunk, I was over age, had paid my entry and not caused a scene, which i quite frankly am proud of myself for given the circumstances. I merely asked for my entry fee back and left onto the alley on my own.

Furious and blood boiling, but thankfully a guy I knew from college was standing outside and asked what the was that all about? So I wasn’t completely on my own in a dark street in a town that has not got the best reputation.

Being the top girls that they are, my two friends demanded their money back too, grabbed my ID and took it to the bouncer to ask him why I was refused entry?

They came back and said that I was allowed in and that he’d worked my age out wrong from the date, despite having two chances to do so and no offence but bouncer you had one job.

But here’s the best bit….they didn’t give my ID back to him.

He didn’t let me in, because he didn’t like the look of me.

Just take a second to picture this. A standard night out you get the odd few drunk people who have a good time, fall over and cause a scene, all of these in that said bar, along with a few underage folk.

But I wasn’t drunk. I wasn’t dressed up like a barbie doll like everyone in there, with a skirt up to my ass and plastered in make-up, therefore not deemed “acceptable” to enter.

I had a denim camouflage skirt on a black covered up top and lowish heels, because I’m practical and now the part-time supporters like to set up camp in front of TV’s when the rugby is on, so the chance i’d end up standing was very likely.

But why on earth was I discriminated for being different? I’m proud of being me and not fitting into any mould!

I’m a tomboy, a geek, a converse loving, marvel manic, DC old-fashioned nerd with girlish tendencies.

I complained to the nightclub, who even viewed CCTV footage and agreed that the way I was treated was disgusting! Without giving me a legit reason and just a pathetic attempt of an apology, I pettily left a review which they did not take kindly too!

I quite frankly couldn’t care less if they never let me in again! What kind of place excludes people for dressing differently, and being different! These narrow-minded people are what’s wrong with the world today and I never thought that I would be treated like that!

I know it could’ve been a lot worse and I got off lightly compared to some of the things people go through for being different in today’s society. So that’s why it inspired me to really stick up for all us freaks and geeks even more! Stick it to the man! They don’t deserve us fabulous people!!




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