We go again!

After the highly anticipated encounter last weekend that went heartbreakingly against us Welsh, I feel the need to put a few things out there to help the healing process.

Like many a Welsh fan, I get very anxious about the prospect of Wales v England. Racked with nerves and excitement, thinking of every single thing England has done to us to add fuel to the fire. It’s all part of the rivalry, banter what ever you want to call it, we all love it!

But back to the game! With England coming down to our territory unbeaten for 15 games after claiming a whitewash in the Autumn series and current six nations champions, it would’ve been pure stupidity to underestimate the threat the three lions posed!

I read a tweet that day too saying that it had been 504 days since Wales had beaten England!

Talk about rubbing salt in the wounds! But to be fair that last time was the time that we beat England in their backyard in their own world cup, by three points. Sorry I had to get that in there 🙂 I’m clutching at straws here!

But that game on Saturday afternoon, was an outstanding game of rugby! Tipuric, Warburton and Moriarty tackled their hearts out! The backs raced as though their lives depended on it! All in all they left everything out there on that pitch and fought…. well I would say to the death but lets say till the 77th minute against a very strong English side!

Their attack was flawless! And if they’d caught England on a bad day, no doubt they would’ve run riot! But as heartbreaking as it was, we did lose our composure and let England score a try to take the lead in the final few minutes.

Then as the final whistle blew, along came the coaches. And i’m not talking about Rob Howley or the Wales coaching team, i’m talking about the supporters up and down the country saying what could’ve happened if we’d done this, or what should’ve been done!

I know everyone has their opinion, I to thought that the most in form player spent 80 minutes of that game on the bench. But that’s just my opinion. I’m no coach, I report on rugby but that doesn’t mean I can train and field a side because I know best!

Why have people got to criticise players who’ve played their heart out over a few mistakes! Those players earned the right to wear the Welsh jersey for a reason!

Can’t we all stop and admire what an outstanding game of international rugby that was on Saturday afternoon. Both sides were awesome to watch and kept me hooked through the full game!

Yes it didn’t go our way, but we’ll pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and learn from our mistakes. We’ll travel to Murrayfield in a fortnight and wreak havock against the scots! Yes it’s always devastating losing to England, especially when we put in such a strong performance! But we go again!

Besides…..England didn’t win the match, Wales lost it 😉



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