Second Half Underway

Ok so I may have taken a little break from my blog over the last few months but I have a legit great excuse! The first half of this year was a little slow but the second half has held all the action which I will attempt to sum up in this post.

Since my last post I applied for a Media Internship at Ospreys rugby, which as most of you know is the team I followed religiously and loved. Well… I got it! Insanely chuffed it took a good while for it to sink in that I got a job with the best region in Wales. And that’s not me being biased it’s the truth.

So the last three months have been insanely busy. Juggling a part time job, an internship, College work, a social life and a few rugby games chucked in for good fun.

Just before I gained this amazing opportunity, I spent a fortnight at Sky Sports News, which I am still in awe at. Working alongside the likes of Kirsty Gallagher and Jim White and welcoming guests including Will Greenwood was all in a day’s work which didn’t really sink in at the time. Being swept up in the moment, it’s only since I’ve been home and told people of my time up there that I think Wow, I  actually did that.! Not only that I spent two weeks in London and to add to the numerous skills I learnt at Sky, mastering the art of London trains is one I am proud to add to that list. 52 trains caught in two weeks! Quite the little Londoner!


Sky Sports News studios

On my 52nd train which led me straight home I went straight into a job interview at the Liberty Stadium. Hand on heart I’ve never been so nervous walking into that stadium in my life. Not even for a dreaded Ospreys v Scarlets game which is always a heart stopping affair in my household. But walking in fully prepared, I think I did very well. Without blowing my own trumpet, Interviews are usually the things which let me down, but coming out I felt extremely good! For the first time in my head I thought to myself that even if I don’t get this, I’ve done my very best in there, and even to get that far with a company like the Ospreys is an achievement.So I treated myself to a little gift in their gift shop as a pat on the back to myself.

Waking up the next day I then had a phone call off the Media manager at the Ospreys telling me….I got the job! Trying my best not to scream my excitement at him on the phone, I took it in well and then just shrieked insanely to my mother and sister after hanging up!

Since that great day I have had some great opportunities! Working with the matchday media team, manning the match clock, match sheets, welcoming members of the press and writing reports. Makes me look forward to rugby games even more than I used to.

So that’s been my busy life for the last few months! But I wouldn’t have had it any other way! Looking forward to the rest of the season!



Matchday Media at the Ospreys 🙂



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