Summer Rugby?

A Saturday afternoon in August in Wales. And of course, it’s absolutely chucking it down! Heavy showers, then the sun makes an appearance for all of ten minutes before the heavens decide to open once more.

I didn’t expect to be constantly refreshing my twitter feed to see if the game was on due to a waterlogged pitch in August!! But there I was, and thankfully it went ahead. Aberavon travelled to Pontypool in a pre-season friendly. Travelling 70 miles for a friendly! I’m a top supporter 🙂

Considering the ball looked much more like a used bar of soap, and the players looked at times like Bambi on ice on the slippery pitch, Aberavon played well amongst the awful conditions.


Coming away with a 6-7 win against the notorious Pontypool side, who dominated us in the scrum and took more advantage of the wind change than us, the premiership side prevailed over the poolers.

Not the best of adverts for a club rugby game, but hey ho! you adapt to these weather conditions as supporter. Eve taking a detour to avoid the traffic jam on the M4 led us through a tour of East Wales’ finest rugby clubs!

Can not wait for the new season!



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