It’s Back!!!

Season Tickets purchased, fixtures released, new jersey’s on sale can only mean one thing…. the rugby season is back!!

To be honest with the Euros, the international tours, Wimbledon and now the Olympics, the wait hasn’t been as bad as I thought. Usually the wait from the final whistle on the last game of the season to just the announcement of the first game back seems never-ending.

Admittedly we’re only on the friendlies at the moment but we’re one step closer to having competitive rugby back every weekend! Yayyyy!!! And us supporters can use the warm up games to our advantage anyway. (Evidently being put in charge of the scoreboard at Aberavon on the weekend took a lot more concentration than I had planned) A season of 6point tries did sink in somewhere along the line.

But there’s nothing that can quite compare to the experience of a match day. I’m not talking about the whole parade of Cardiff when Wales take to the Principality Stadium field. I’m talking about the regions and the clubs. They’re just as exciting. If you asked me to chose between my country or my region…. I would have to go with my region.

Ok so technically it’s not my region, being a Llanelli girl, but I’ve been adopted by the Aberavon supporters so they’re my second family. But  the regions and clubs put in all the hard work, breed elite players and play week in week out. Yet they get overshadowed by big money clubs, the national team and nobody seems to take note.

Holding a season ticket at the Ospreys for the past 5 years I’ve seen the likes of Dan Biggar grow from behind James Hook’s shadow to being man of the match in a World Cup match against England (I still love to mention that glorious game).

I’ve seen Justin Tipuric go from playing at the Talbot Athletic Ground to putting on a British and Irish lion jersey! Where it all began!

The clubs and regions are the heart of the national game. Without them there would be no Alun Wyn’s or Rhys Webb’s. The next captain for Wales could be playing for his club right now, go and support him! Don’t just show up when he wins his first Welsh cap!

So everyone raise a pint to the start of the new season. Let’s hope it’s a good one.




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