Help a girl out?

During the Euros, like many other of my fellow countrymen, found myself swept up in the euphoria of Wales making it to the semi finals and admittedly boarded the bandwagon full of plastic fans. But now I confess that football has found its way onto my radar, always taking a backseat on my sporting schedules. But I have swallowed my pride and admit I was wrong and football isn’t all that bad.

I still don’t understand the trips and the oh so dramatic acts of play by certain players! Maybe it’s the rugby and wrestling nerd in me that’s used to seeing hard knocks and blood that can’t figure out this fairy nonsense of footballers but perhaps that’s all part of the game. I did play along when certain Belgium players made questionable tackles on Welsh players during the quarter finals so maybe i’m being a bit hypocritical there.

So all in all I’m letting my guard down to the round shaped ball, but I need some help. Pledging my allegiance to my home team has never been one of my fortes and to be honest i’m not sure they have one? So can any football supporters lend a girl a hand here? Who should I back and look out for? Any tips?

From a girl who didn’t want to be on the bandwagon anyway? 🙂


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