So Where Do I Fit In?

Whilst the majority of my life besides work revolves around sport, there is another part of me that I am finding a little confusing to …. work out?

Well to begin with I’ll stick with the sports. I don’t support my hometown team, nothing against them I just find it more enjoyable to travel about twenty minutes up the motorway and support that team because the supporters, rugby and general team are one hell of a lot more fun than where I live.

Then there’s my enjoyment of sports entertainment. Whilst most people grow out of watching WWE and rock bottoming their siblings on a trampoline I still love it! Yes I know it’s fake but it’s so entertaining. And years of practice has given me plenty of time to perfect that armbar submission and nail it to a t!

Then we have the big screen! The escape from reality that I adore in the magical land of cinema! Now I love a romcom as much as the next girl but the real deals that require marathons are the Marvel films! Who doesn’t wish the ycould apply for a job at Stark Enterprise or the new Avengers facility! And that wrestling experience I was talking about *cough* black widow! 🙂

I also have an Area 51 theory which may be the result of one too many Marvel films….but I would like to think that Shield is behind all of it!

I can’t mention Marvel without the other love of my life DC! Oh Batman, where are you in the real world! We’d be so much better off if the world had a batman! Maybe Area 51 are making one? Or if they aren’t then they should be! There a job opening there I could apply for?


… I went off on a trail there but I got excited over all this superhero talk! I’m not crazy … but I have two words fro you … Harley Quinn! Suicide Squad! I can not wait for that to be released! She is my favourite comic book character, a Halloween favourite and a hero in my eyes. Probably shouldn’t really admit to idolising a crazy chick there!

Then we have music. Any guesses to what the most played songs are on my iPod? Well the number one played album is…. “The Boat That Rocked Soundtrack” a classic! Now I may have been born thirty years later than this era but give me the Hollies, The Turtles in a karaoke set any day!

Don’t get me wrong I do love the odd track from this century Daughtry being my favourite band. And the more acoustic jazz with local bands including Lilygreen and Maguire….. I should mention my guilty pleasure for a Eurovision album!!

Moving onto the wardrobe! Amongst my imp0ressive collection of sport jersey’s and wrestling tees I have the girliest of frocks where I could actually pass for a girl. Special recognition to my Converse collection whilst second place goes to my stilettos all competing against each other on who can make me taller!

So I guess the main reason of this blog post is where do I fit in? None of these things go together like salt and pepper or fish and chips, so how do they inside of me? Does anyone out there like the same things as me? Is there really another person out there who could accept me for who I am, and think all these things are good and not judge? I like that I am different and would never change any one of these.

I’m just wondering where I belong in this world? The little weirdo that I am.




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