Mind if I join you?

As a rugby fan who spends most weekends standing in the freezing cold soaked from the rain at a local club rugby game, there is nothing more infuriating than the “rugby supporters” who turn up twice a year when Wales take to the field. …. To be perfectly honest plastic fans like these make my blood boil!

Bearing this in mind I have reluctantly found myself on the other side of this coin.

I will hands up and admit that I am far from a hardcore football supporter. I’ll watch it if it were on and keep up to date with some scores but I am not one to religiously follow the sport. To be perfectly honest I don’t think my bank would allow me to have another season ticket in my purse.

That being said, I can’t help but be swept up in the euphoria that has taken over this country! In a time where everything is all up in the air with whats happening in the world and Britain its a glimmer of hope and a sense of belonging that you yearn for during times of uncertainty.

So because It has been the first time in over half a century since Wales made a tournament let alone the Semi – finals, I have actually followed them and watched the games and got more and more involved! Last night I even went down the pub and was screaming along with everyone!

So to those loyal football supporters who follow Wales and the clubs week in week out, would you mind awfully if I tagged along? I know how annoying this is having someone jump on the bandwagon but it has actually made me excited about football! it’s just added to the fact that its Wales! I promise not to pretend that I’ve been here since day one and will lovingly accept and advice you throw my way to help me out!

After all the Welsh team’s motto is TogetherStronger … so if you could let me stay a little longer i’ll be very grateful! 🙂



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