Wales….What have you done?

I’m not a politics enthusiast but when it comes to major votes I pay attention! People fought for us women to have a vote so I will damn right use it and make sure it counts for something and that I 100% back it!

This Referendum was no exception, and if anything I paid even more attention. I am 22 years young and this impacts me! Bu the result …. has damn right worried me!

Like 80% of people in my age category (18-24) I voted to remain a member of the European Union as I wholeheartedly believed we were stronger in Europe! Why have the older generation left us with this future to face?

Wales benefitted so much from being in the EU but somehow the majority of Wales backed the Brexit? Why can’t we as a nation who would happily support any team playing against the English stand up for ourselves and not follow suit?! Scotland all voted to remain and are now looking well on course for another referendum on independence! But Wales followed England! Why?

I really don’t understand how my country voted against the governing system which has funded £4billion towards structural funding and I feel we were not well-informed enough to make this vote! I’m not being a sore loser and throwing my toys out of the pram because the side I backed lost but where does this leave us? What have I got to look forward to?

A recession? A job? A bright future?

Help me out here because I can’t see it?


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