Marking the Day

This post may not be much but I felt the need to mark this occasion!

Today I found myself for the first time EVER excited about a football game! Yes you read that right! a football game!

Now I’m usually one of the first to moan at people jumping on the bandwagon when a team does well, when the hard-core supporters are there through thick and thin braving the ups the downs the cold weather the heaviest defeats, all sorts.

I’ll put my hands up and admit that I don’t follow the football as religiously, but  I read the sports columns, I know how the teams are doing. And since Wales’s qualifying hopes for the euros started to seem a reality, I couldn’t help but get a little bit excited.

Being the top patriot that I am, I love to see Wales do well. Seeing our small nation line up against other teams, our flag waving amongst the others. It makes me proud! To see my country qualify for a tournament like this for the first time in just under 60 years! That’s older than my parents!! History is being made here!

So what if I’m not the biggest football supporter in the world? I’m not claiming to be. I’ll just be happy to see my country do well, and it surely can’t hurt to gain a little bit more interest in the support for the nation? And as an aspiring sports journalist what better way for me to swat up on my football than seeing the boys in red take to the field? Lets admit… it’s a hell of a lot more exciting when you’re not the neutral supporter!

So come on boys! Yn gryfach gyda’n gilydd!


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