Sporting Summer! Yay!

Yesterday was the first day of June, which in my eyes is the start of the summer of sport! The euros start, the junior world cup, international rugby and that’s all this month. Yes this is coming from the girl who in her last post moaned about the definite lack of sport!

But May doesn’t half drag when none of your teams qualify for any play-off place. And now June has hit us, the weather is glorious and we have sport coming at us in all directions so I’m in a good mood!….Admittedly my birthday was yesterday which may have played a part in boosting my happiness.

Now I know Wales faced England at the end of May in a questionably named “friendly” which lets just say didn’t go to plan. But that’s where the friendly term comes into our favour! Warm up so to speak, yeah I’ll say anything to try and back that performance by us!

But going down 5 tries to 1 the ever optimist me still thinks we can build out in New Zealand….I laughed as I typed that but there we go I have faith! I’m not saying we’re going to win every game, this is the All Blacks we’re talking about. But what better experience for this squad than to run out against them in their own backyard?

Then we have the U20’s playing in the Junior World Cup. Coming off the back of their Grand Slam winning campaign the young side are now aiming to progress against southern hemisphere teams and make their mark on the World stage!

I often find it quite sad watching the U20’s, seeing such a good squad develop only for the next year them not be eligible to play because of their age. Bittersweet. But they do get the international experience and who can really put a price on a Welsh cap?

Looking forward to watching that tournament in the sun, and even managed to get a ticket to one of the days! Manchester here we come! Rugby in the sun, happy days!

So this was a bit of a pointless post, but I was just a tad excited and needed to fangirl in the best way I knew could, well second best way. The first is screaming my head off on the sidelines obviously! 🙂



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