Lost Cause

Well the day finally arrived! The day we were all dreading! The day that we have no rugby to go to! *insert sobs here*

Both my club and region failed to make any play-off spot this year which has left me a bit of a lost cause this cloudy Saturday afternoon and relegated me to the couch flicking between Super rugby and Rugby sevens.

Now I know I am being a tad selfish and shouldn’t really complain with the big summer of sport that’s ahead of us! Two weeks time and Wales take on England in a “friendly” before their tour of New Zealand (still can’t work out how anyone can call that match  a friendly?)

Then we have Wimbledon! Where everyone pretends to be tennis experts for a fortnight after brushing up on their aces and dusting off their own rackets.

And to top it all off we have the crème de la crème, what we’ve been waiting four years for The Olympics!!

So I really shouldn’t be moaning at the lack of sport, but Saturday afternoons have become a permanent fixture for rugby in my schedule and sitting at home and watching on my tv doesn’t quite cut it for me. I need to be in the crowd, soaking up the atmosphere and be with my fellow supporters!

The thought of one of my team’s next fixture not being until the end of July! Ohhh the horror! But I suppose I should really let the players have a well earned break, get all the injuries healed up and build on what we’ve achieved this season. So I will stop moaning and put my feet up and watch from the comforts of my home and not have to worry about wearing enough layers or wondering if I need an umbrella for this game! (Ahhhh there’s the one positive!)

Maybe I should get a hobby….. any ideas?




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