No Place for it

I may be a passionate Welsh rugby supporter who like most (no offence) have a tendency to lets say not favour the English. But with that being said I think World Rugby’s decision on Joe Marler’s case is the right one.

£20,000 and a two match ban may seem a little drastic but at least they are showing that there is zero tolerance over these matters! If an international player can get away with calling someone “gypsy boy” then a young boy watching at home who idolises him will think its ok to do so.

Words can hurt as much as a tackle and beneath the 120kg prop stature, that slur must have affected Samson Lee. There may not have been intent and he has admitted that it was in the heat of the moment and apologised rightly so!

Heat of the moment or not its still not acceptable and definitely no place for it in rugby and I’m glad that they’ve Joe Marler has been disciplined. And as for the two match ban…he got to play the last game in the six nations? He won the Grand slam! Its taken longer than a month to come to a conclusion and I think World Rugby are using this Marler as an example. Hopefully nobody else will make the same £20,000 mistake again.

And the justgiving page set up? Really? Justice for Joe. Surely it’s more justice for Samson?


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