Derby Day Blues

The most anticipated fixture in the rugby fixture calendar is always the local derbies! Neighbourly rivalries, where current form goes completely out of the window. And for me…well… it means going up against my dad’s team!

Don’t misunderstand me, me and my dad have a great father daughter relationship! Just every Ospreys v Scarlets fixtures sees us both sporting opposite colours. All fun and games, we both hug and make up and share a pint at the loser’s expense at the final whistle.

With my team The Ospreys’ already sneaking a 27-26 victory in the Scarlets own backyard over the Christmas period it was up to the Scarlets to come to our turf to claim revenge and a crucial victory.

On what was the wettest day, with absolutely no hold up in any of the showers, both teams looked like they were playing with a bar of soap. Handbags were also out like most derbies and both sets of supporters were in full voice.

In a scrappy contest, with half time holding a 13-13 score and a try a piece. It was penalties that eventually cost the Ospreys and gave the Scarlets the victory denying the hosts a losing bonus point!

Now I am proud to say that my boys usually come out on top against the Scarlets and each time they do I for one do not brag or rub it in my opponents faces! Because I know that one day it will eventually come around and slap me in the face and there is no place for it in rugby! And having to live in Scarlets territory means its not worth it, even though I will stand up for my team!

But I was wrong in thinking that others would return the gracious winner act. My dad was great! We both agreed the best team won and he couldn’t accept his daughter buying him a pint despite the stakes!

However all I took off other supporters was stick! I was the butt of every joke, called a cheat, scum and a disgrace to rugby!

When did rivalries become so intense? Despite part of the thrill of derbies being the neighbourly banter, but when did that line get crossed between banter and just plain abuse?  Feeling bad enough at my team losing and potentially not qualifying for next season’s European cup! They sounded like football hooligans!

When did we turn into them? 😦





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