No Tackling? No Game?

I’ve never played rugby at an intense level. You’re more likely to find me in the stands than the middle of a scrum but nevertheless I think that I have a pretty good knowledge that a tackle can hurt. I say this after recent calls for rugby in schools to be banned, or turned into touch, non-contact rugby.

So does this mean that rugby players won’t be in physical contact until the age of 18 or when they leave school?

Surely tackling is the heart of rugby and taking out that aspect kills the game? I’ve seen a fair few touch rugby games during half-time intervals … needless to say they’re not the most entertaining to watch, and I can’t imagine that they would be the same amount of fun for a 16 year old as it is to an 8 year old.

Obviously these calls haven’t been made to just ruin our game and there is health issue behind it. With hits becoming more and more brutal and the “average” rugby player significantly bigger than that of twenty years ago. Medics reckon former players who have had joint replacements in their sixties would be more likely to have these replacements in their forties if they were playing todays game!

Personally I think this is a wrong move. Rugby carries that element of risk but correct instruction and coaching from a young age decreases the risk of brutal concussions. Each sport carries different risks….even children sitting on their phones scrolling through social media all day carries the risk of becoming obese!

Is this what our society has turned in to? Wrap everything up in cotton wool incase we hurt ourselves. Everyone learns from experience and sport is included in that. The health benefits both physical and mental that come with rugby far outweigh the risks associated with rugby. From character building, being part of a team and putting In hard work impacts performances both on and off the field.

Please don’t kill off our game at grass roots…that’s really not what we need!



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