80 minutes, 2 teams, best of friends. Top of the table clash, the word friendship gets pushed to its limits on time. When you have a clash of opinions when it comes to rugby teams, there’s only one way to settle this battle!

And what better way to test a friendship than on Valentine’s Day? A frosty Sunday afternoon, trip up to Newport for us and Aberavon. After a bit of a rocky start to the day from just me (couldn’t find the pitch) we made it in time for kick off on what looked like the most solid ground I’ve seen!


Pre-match “may the best team win” Selfie


I was the current holder of the bragging rights, with Aberavon winning the previous two encounters over the black and ambers. But the Wizards didn’t have the spark despite sporting their first choice team. It seemed captain Ian Moore’s 350th appearance in and Aberavon kit was the only thing to celebrate coming out of Sunday. Always a powerhouse in the number 4 jersey, yet a win on this momentous occasion was not meant to be for the men in red.

We were our own worst enemies and tried to run the ball too deep for most of the game. Countless penalties against us and the hosts were able to take advantage and run up a 26-8 score at full time.

So after a poor performance by my team, the beautiful thing about rugby was the friendly banter and that our disagreements were resolved on the pitch and left there. The term Frenemies comes to mind, and watch out Newport, we shall see you in the playoffs!!


Only one winner…..not me 😦






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