JJ Signs for us!

Remember I was adamant that I did not go to rugby matches purely for the men?

That they were merely perks for us girls? Game always comes first! When you can speak rugby fluently sure you’ll let me have this perk that does not happen often.

Well that perk I was talking about I am going to take full advantage of and admit I had a “fangirl” moment when I saw it!

Yes the Ospreys have signed South African international JJ Engelbrecht! Now how they have managed to pull off this remarkable signing I do not know but I am ever so glad they have!

I’ve seen him play against Wales on a few occasions and with South African family his name has cropped up on a few occasions in my household. The Ospreys have lacked strength in depth in the centre position with injuires to Ashley Beck and the retirement of Andrew Bishop.

Being one of the few in my hometown to support the Ospreys I know what will happen we’ll get the “He’s not Welsh” blah blah blah, but bringing an experienced player of JJ’s standards into the squad will make the younger players compete for that jersey, step up their game and learn from him.

A quality player in the centre field with power and pace. I hope they keep him on for longer than till the end of season. And i’ll admit he’s very nice to look at!

Hey I can admire a player’s beautiful style of play right?


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