Wales Defeat England!

This post may be a little late, but I made a bit of a blunder by booking a flight the same time Wales played England! It’s not like I had four years warning that this match was taking place! Hiccups aside, I managed to race to my hotel and catch the second half!

Walking into the English leading 16-9,I was still optimistic. We all know Wales games aren’t over till the whistle blows! Both fly-halves were flawless but it was Osprey’s Dan Biggar with the edge over England. Despite the injury list ever growing for Wales with Scott Williams, Liam Williams and Hallam Amos all coming off early, the Welsh bench was seemingly stretched with three players playing out of their regular positions.

But remember that trick up Gatland’s sleeve I mentioned. Well that trick was revealed with a moment of magic from replacement “Scrum-Half” Lloyd Williams. Playing on the wing, replacing Amos, a sublime kick well read by his fellow scrum half Gareth Davies, sent the nine over the whitewash with a conversion equalling the score.

England were unhinged! A penalty in line with posts which eerily resembled the same kick that sent us out of the World cup four years back, was sent flying over putting the men in red in front for the first time the whole game.


England had one last chance to equal the score, but instead opted for a lineout! Which spectacularly backfired on the hosts as Wales shoved them all into touch and earning possession of the ball. Running down the clock seemed to go in slow motion. ten seconds felt like a minute and a minute an hour.

Ball to Biggar, booted out! Wales had beaten their arch enemy England at their own world cup!

I won’t deny that the final whistle brought tears to my eyes! I was a thousand miles away from Twickenham being in the canary island, but still felt the pride as though I was in the front row sporting my red jersey and crest on my chest!

Despite the trash talk that got sent our way, the banter, the branded “underdog” of this match, we were given no hope! Yet through the toughest of blows, losing three backs in less than five minutes, and the ever so long injury list and knocks Wales have been dealt, we played our cards with such fight and passion!

We did it! Well done boys! Thank you!


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